Distress Signals EP

by Solar Powered Sun Destroyer



Sort of a "preview" EP of our forthcoming LP "SENDER//RECEIVER" (Early 2011). It also contains 2 "B-sides" not available on the LP


released November 18, 2010

Produced By J. Robbins & Solar Powered Sun Destroyer. recorded @ The Magpie Cage in Baltimore, MD with additional tracking at Wired Wrist Studios. Artwork by Shelby Cinca. All music by Solar Powered Sun Destroyer. All lyrics by John Kneip.



all rights reserved


Solar Powered Sun Destroyer Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: Ender
Lyrics by John Kneip:


You wait it out (it out)...wait...
Tell-tale signs showing the correct direction
Steadily going nowhere, steadily going nowhere
Waiting only for the ender, marking letter “return to sender”
Still, you wait it out (it out)
The last time around we’ll be on solid ground
Steadily going somewhere, steadily going somewhere
Moving forward, unseen ender no “return to sender” letter
Remember the sender, remember the ender
Track Name: First-Person Plural
Lyrics by: John Kneip


When we proceed to seize and follow their lead
We’re taken into a realm of make-believe, at peace
But it’s not that way, for this ride we’ll stay
To grow so tired of the wait and try to better our days
Looking for the pieces to fall into place, when they fit so well, so well
Small paragraphs for us to tie it all together now
Line by line and page by page
Listen in for the language to come out aloud
Looking for the pieces to fall into place (when they fit so well)
And you fit so well…